@RoKhanna: .⁦@JessGrose⁩ is absolutely right. We have let down both our youngest kids and babies during this pandemic. We need to do better in prioritizing the needs of our children.

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@RoKhanna: In 2022, Moderna and Pfizer are projected to rake in $93,200,000,000 from vaccine sales.The mRNA vaccines were created by tax-payer funding. We have a moral obligation to make them share the science with the rest of the world to end the pandemic.

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@UBILabWales: We lurch from crisis to crisis. The pandemic, cost of living crisis, recessions – and the climate crisis is on the horizon. We need systemic change to tackle these issues. #UBI must be at the forefront of that change.

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@scottsantens: States that cut their pandemic unemployment checks early saw virtually no impact on hiring, suggesting that cutting the unemployment checks basically caused nothing but avoidable harm according to a new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

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@_Eric_Reinhart: When a pandemic made obvious the utter irrationality & cruelty of our existing healthcare, welfare, & labor systems, what did lawmakers do in response? Insist on universal healthcare, guaranteed basic income, housing security, & paid sick leave with proper workplace protections?

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@bencasselman: Supply chains were vulnerable to disruption before the pandemic, and they will remain vulnerable after it, especially as climate change makes natural disasters more common, according a new @WhiteHouseCEA report.

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@thehill: Reporter: “Does the president then acknowledge any responsibility for the inflation that we’re seeing now?”Jen Psaki: “There are a range of factors, including the pandemic, the impact on supply chains, and what we’ve tried to do from the beginning is address the supply chains.”

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@NicholsUprising: “John Nichols has done it again. Many history books will be written about Covid-19, but those interested in learning about the key players responsible for exacerbating the pandemic must start here.”⁰—US Rep. @RoKhanna

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@scottsantens: “One thing is now clear: the pandemic has exposed a clear feminist argument in favour of universal basic income. While the work they are doing to keep families and communities stable goes unrecognised and unpaid, women’s economic chances are stymied.”

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@scottsantens: We are witnessing a collapse of trust in democracies that coincides with a trust surge in autocracies. The pandemic, the responses by governments to it, and people’s responses to those responses have led to distrust now being society’s default emotion.

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