@scottsantens: Half or more of the increasing gap in wages in the US over the last 40 years is attributable to the automation of tasks formerly done by humans. Globalization and the weakening of unions have played roles, but the most important factor is automation.

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@thehill: University of Michigan president removed over alleged “inappropriate relationship” with school employee

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@JenniferDickman: Currently owe over $300 in doc copays for my son & hoping she won’t get mad if I wait 2 pay 4 my husband’s paycheck next Thurs. Have had 2 tap into $ saving 2 buy a car. #WheresMyCheck #ChildTaxCredit @SenThomTillis @SenatorBurr

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@democracynow: Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech executives are “seeking at every turn to maximize their profits,” says @NicholsUprising. His new book “Coronavirus Criminals and Pandemic Profiteers” takes aim at the corporations and political figures who put profits over people during the pandemic.

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@LeeCamp: Universal Basic Income will not solve many of the problems of the market economy. However, it could end extreme poverty, hunger, homelessness, & so much misery over night. So why the hell aren’t we doing it?!

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@scottsantens: Wow, I knew it was unequal, but seeing it so clearly like this is just crazy. Those who are unvaccinated and had 2019 incomes under $25,000 are missing around 4x as much paid work as those with the same income who are vaccinated, and also 4x the unvaccinated earning over $75,000.

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@BasicBc: “Over 95% of people asked if they would work if they got a basic income said yes.”- Rutger Bregman “People with basic income security work more, not less”- Guy Standing #UBI #BasicIncome

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@scottsantens: Thank you for helping make Let There Be Money become the #1 New Release in Public Finance on Amazon, where it has stayed for over 3 weeks now.Note: For now you can only get it on Amazon, but you can get a signed copy directly from me via my Patreon.

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