@UBIToday: History repeats itself. Social Security emerged during The Great Depression in 1935. Will #UBI be next big social safety net? Indicators are encouraging given all the hard work of organizations/ people like @scottsantens @FundForHumanity @income_movement

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@VP: Today, I spoke at a vaccine mobilization event hosted by the @NAACP chapter in Greenville, South Carolina. They are one of hundreds of organizations across the country that is helping to get the word out that the vaccines are safe, effective, and free. #WeCanDoThis

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@OurRevolution: “Look at the Koch brothers & organizations like the Heritage Foundation & conservative lobby groups doing a victory lap. Claiming victory over the fact that Manchin refuses to change on the filibuster. These 2 things are very closely intertwined.”

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@VP: Today we launched a Call to Action to the private sector to deepen investments in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, to address the root causes of migration. Thank you to the first 12 businesses and organizations that announced commitments.

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@EricG1247: So the person who claims secret courts and organizations and trying to destroy our country tried to use a secret grand jury subpoena to find the identity of @NunesAlt.How many other times did devin use the DOJ to try and attack private citizens?

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@OurRevolution: TODAY:Alongside @51for51 and 100+ organizations, we are asking @SenGaryPeters to hold a hearing on #DCStatehood in the Senate.Read below, then call your Senator to prioritize statehood: (202) 224-3121

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@ZachandMattShow: Inbox: Andrew Yang to receive endorsement from three Asian American organizations tomorrow.

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@ORNTX_: 🎉🎉MAY 2021 OUR REVOLUTION NTX RESULTS!🎉🎉CONGRATS, @AlisonforDenton & @VoteOmarNarvaez on their victories! We are GRATEFUL of the hard work from their teams, our members, the volunteers & supporters & other community organizations who helped make this happen! 🤗

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