@OurRevolution: “State-sanctioned murder is not justice, no matter how heinous the crime. @POTUS has repeatedly expressed his opposition to the death penalty & has a historic opportunity to finally bring an end to the inhumane, racist & flawed practice.” @AyannaPressley

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@RBReich: Unless Biden can convince one Republican senator to back the For the People Act, our democracy is toast. The question comes down to this: Are Republican senators more united in their opposition to voting rights than Democratic senators are in their support for them?

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@RBReich: 77th anniversay of D-DAY, the final assault on Nazi fascism, seems like an odd day for @Sen_JoeManchin to declare his opposition to For the People Act and open the gate for GOP Trumpers to suppress American democracy.

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@c_a_nicholas: I found the idea of #UBI exciting when I first heard about it but I became skeptical when I met opposition. Yet extensive analysis by @scottsantens on UBI (including its appeal from conservative to progressive viewpoints) + the fallacy of anti-UBI arguments won me over for good.

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@KrisPickelNews: For those who says, “Why the opposition to the audit?They must be afraid of what will be found.” It is the problems with the procedures and security that will call into question any results. #azaudit

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@thehill: White House environmental justice advisors express opposition to nuclear, carbon capture projects

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@OurRevolution: UNACCEPTABLE.Opposition towards #DCStatehood is opposition towards a fair democracy, @Sen_JoeManchin.

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