@karrilevens: Good night everyone! I found out that I’m working at the post office in the morning. So it’s time for me to go to sleep! ✌❤🙏

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@MeidasTouch: #MarjorieTheManiac is still trending top 5 in the United States. Retweet to keep it there all night.

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@karrilevens: When you let something consume your mind and soul you can’t find peace. Let it all be in the Lord’s hands. Find your peace and leave it all up to God. Everyone have wonderful night and I leave you all with this encouraging quote I found online. 👇

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@BillKristol: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said last night that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “the little Communist from New York City.” From beyond the grave, NYC Rep. Vito Marcantonio (1935-1951) objects. He was a real Communist. AOC’s a democratic socialist squish.

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@dpakman: When someone tells me “I’d like to pick your brain” at a social gathering, I immediately try to get away, and not get stuck with that person the rest of the night. Is that crazy?

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@scottsantens: MSNBC reported last night that “John Yang” conceded. A name error from Brian that he quickly apologized for on air, but still, for those of us who know the history of what MSNBC did to Andrew in the presidential primary, it’s like one last middle finger.

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@AndrewYang: Last night, getting out the vote in the city that never sleeps. Two days until we make history

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@AndrewYang: Incredible night celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Thikana Newspaper with members of the Bangladeshi community. Local papers like Thikana are how my family used to get news when I was young. They are so important to our immigrant communities. Congratulations!

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