@dpakman: So Larry Elder somehow sorta conceded already? Put out a statement last night about Newsom being “reinstated” as Governor due to a rigged election. Pretty full on bonkers stuff.

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@thehill: Biden stumps for Newsom on eve of recall: “The eyes of the nation are on California”

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@dpakman: It’s pretty wild how California has one of the top US state economies, on par with some rapidly growing countries, and a bunch of people want to remove the governor. I’m ready to bet Newsom stays, but it’s still wacky

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@CA_Dem: In many parts of California, ballots are already on their way for the recall election. Remember: Vote NO on the first question, and leave the second question blank.It’s up to all of us to #StopTheRepublicanRecall and stand with Governor Gavin Newsom.

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@AndyStern_DC: This is why cash is the way to end poverty Governor Newsom “We believe people are better suited than we are to make determinations for themselves on how best to use these dollars,” ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ ⁦@UBIToday⁩ ⁦@income_movement⁩

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@CNN: California will stop issuing new hydraulic fracturing permits by January 2024 as part of a statewide effort to reach carbon-neutrality by 2045, Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced

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