@Ugentilini: What happens when giving #cashtransfers ($50) directly to high school students every week for a year?A New Orleans school tried it out…… see here for news reporting: … and here for the trial overview:

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@JosephABroadwa1: One thing I know about the Word of God, it’s not fake news it’s the absolute truth of what was, is and soon to come. Be ready!

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: The January 6 Committee orders telecom and social media companies to preserve all of the records of Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, from before, during, and after the deadly insurrection. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING NEWS: President Biden fires Kellyanne Conway from the board position at the US Air Force Academy that Trump appointed her to, causing her to explode in a heap of rage. RT IF YOU SUPPORT BIDEN’S DECISION TO GIVE HER THE BOOT!

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@thehill: Australian court rules news publishers liable for readers’ comments on Facebook pages

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING NEWS: Police arrest ALL THREE Arizona men who stormed into an elementary school principal’s office with zip ties and threatened to place her under citizens’ arrest for mandating that students wear masks. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THEY MUST ALL BE FOUND GUILTY!

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@scottsantens: “Trucks picking up trash in the French Quarter were filling up after a block, rather than the usual four or five blocks, Green said in a news conference Monday. A route that normally takes two hours required nine, he said.”

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@byHeatherLong: NEWS: Rental relief barely picked up in July, even as eviction crisis loomedCongress approved $46.5 billion in rent relief.So far, $5.2 billion — 11% — has been spent.US Treasury says:$1.7 billion went out in July$1.5 billion in June via @rachsieg

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@thehill: First lady’s press secretary calls on Rachel Campos Duffy, Fox News to apologize for host’s comments

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