@meiselasb: We have sent the following formal retraction letter pursuant to California law to the NY Post and it’s parent company News Corp for their intentional and malicious defamation of our client, a retired Secret Service member.

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@glennkirschner2: Some big news breaking tonight courtesy of Scott MacFarlane @MacFarlaneNews We now have some concrete proof that the FBI/DOJ are actively investigating the possible complicity of members of Congress in the insurrection. My daily video dropping shortly. #JusticeMatters

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@thehill: JUST IN: Court sets Smartmatic dismissal date on Fox News, Giuliani, Bartiromo, others

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@OurRevolution: BREAKING NEWS: @HillaryClinton just endorsed @ninaturner’s opponent for Ohio’s U.S. Congressional District 11. Can you think of a better reason to join SNT’s 47,000 grassroots donors by donating $27???We can’t.#HelloSomebody

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@AndrewYang: Incredible night celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Thikana Newspaper with members of the Bangladeshi community. Local papers like Thikana are how my family used to get news when I was young. They are so important to our immigrant communities. Congratulations!

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@HumanityForward: BREAKING: The IRS has now released their web portal for non-filers to declare their eligibility for the #ChildTaxCredit.Read Humanity Forward’s press release on today’s news:

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@dpakman: Can anyone explain what’s up with the Putin-loving right-left coalition? Here’s a glowing profile from Fox News, meanwhile some on the left are defending authoritarians Putin, Assad, Maduro, etc. What’s happening? Is this the “populism” we heard so much about?

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@MeidasTouch: We are ecstatic to hear the news of Reality Winner’s release from prison. This is just the beginning in her fight for justice—and we hope that @POTUS considers issuing a full pardon. Learn more about Reality’s story on our podcast with her family:

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@oceana: BIG news for sharks on this #WorldOceansDay! 🦈We now turn our attention to the U.S. House of Representatives. Tell your Representative to pass a #FinBanNow:

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@MeidasTouch: Fox News denied our TV ad buy which is going to make the buy stronger than ever. Keep retweeting and chip in here to expand our efforts in June:

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