@scottsantens: “Means-testing begets administrative burdens. Which means that some people, maybe many people, especially the people with fewest resources and most in need, will not receive benefits. This is the administrative burden Catch-22.”Universalism beats targeting. Stop means-testing.

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@AndrewYang: We need a third party that brings people together to actually solve the nation’s problems and doesn’t judge you or your beliefs. We’re all Americans and we want to move the country #forward @Fwd_Party ⬆️🚀🇺🇸

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@karrilevens: Today I have the Arizona Diamondbacks over 7 and a half in a parlay.Then I decided to do another separate MLB parlay for today. I need all these teams to win. ⚾Los Angeles DodgersArizona Diamondbacks San Francisco GiantsMilwaukee BrewersHouston Astros

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@karrilevens: I decided to do 2 MLB parlays today. I need the Diamondbacks to win over 11 and a half. ⚾Also in a separate parlay bet these 4 teams need to win: Arizona DiamondbacksSt. Louis CardinalsChicago White Sox Baltimore Orioles

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@FundForHumanity: WATCH: My late son’s three 2-minute videos of his interview with @theUBIguy where he explains exactly why we need UBI: .

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@AHousefather: It was a pleasure to be invited to the @CCDHate global summit to join @RoKhanna @DamianCollins @tweetinjules @PeterFatelnig & David Shanks to talk about how we need to address online harms in a holistic and common way across borders.

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@scottsantens: Ship sinks. Wake up on an island. Guy from previous shipwreck says “I called dibs years ago so I own everything here. But I believe in freedom, so you can do stuff I want you to do in exchange for what you need to stay alive.”Sound like freedom to you?

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@karrilevens: I did a parlay bet today. I need these MLB teams to win! ⚾ Baltimore Orioles Arizona Diamondbacks Chicago White Sox

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@scottsantens: “Should the U.S. implement a carbon price with a border adjustment, it would provide a strong incentive for nations doing trade with the U.S. — just about everyone — to price carbon, thereby reducing fossil fuel use around the world.”We need to do this.

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