@FundForHumanity: Excellent article about how the pandemic has upended the nature of work: and the way we think about it. We have to stop tying our humanity to what we do rather than who we are and we need UBI to help us in the transition.

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@deepstateradio: On a very special episode @RoKhanna joined @djrothkopf, @ThePlumLineGS, and @kavitapmd to discuss his meeting in the White House on infrastructure and the need for an aspiration Democratic Party. Listen to their discussion here:

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@scottsantens: We need lots of coverage like this to get @proofofhumanity’s $UBI on @elonmusk’s radar. Maybe he already knows about it. Maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. But until he says something about it, we can’t know for sure. Would be great to know @Grimezsz knows about it too.

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@thehill: Sen. Ron Johnson: “Are you still so certain that lab leak is off the table?”Chinese Ambassador Nominee Nicholas Burns: “My position has been all along and continues this day, we need to investigate. […] There are multiple theories and the Chinese need to answer.”

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@Fwd_Party: In a period of unprecedented economic change & technological disruption, we should acknowledge millions of Americans will need a new way to meet basic needs & a pathway to stand on. Majority of Americans are for universal basic income. #UBI

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@RoKhanna: Democrats need to make the economic argument. Build Back Better tackles inflation, creates opportunity, builds manufacturing capacity, spurs growth, and enhances the freedom of Americans to pursue good jobs, entrepreneurship, and the American dream.

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@scottsantens: No one starts the game of Monopoly with $0. Why? Because then you couldn’t play the game. We all need a monthly starting amount of money that enables us to pursue work and cover the costs of working. I’m fortunate I have that. Everyone else needs it too.

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@AndrewYang: David Shor: “We have an election system that makes it basically impossible for Dems’ current coalition to ever wield legislative power. [Dems] need to get 54% of the popular vote – which we did not even accomplish this time – for multiple cycles in a row . . to really pass laws.”

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@dpakman: So let’s see, if there’s shootings, that’s proof we need more guns because it’s dangerous out there, but if there’s no shootings, it proves guns worked because the guns deterred shootings?

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@Kamaumaumau: when @AndrewYang said “ranked choice voting is sexy and we need to sex up our democracy” I felt that

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