@OurRevolution: “Middle-class Americans have been borrowing against their futures on the promise that a college education will give their families the safety & security they need to thrive. We now know that student loan debt does just the opposite.” #CancelStudentDebt

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@FundForHumanity: This is such a damning headline. Commerce is lobbying Congress to eliminate the life preservers for America’s workers forcing them to swim in stormy conditions whether they know how to or not. That’s why We the People need to lobby for UBI:

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@RoKhanna: Enough with the snakes in the comments! Disagree vehemently. But social media should not be a forum for sexism or gratuitous meanness. We need to call that out when we see it. @warren has been a champion for progressive values.

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@VP: With the American Jobs Plan, we are going to create millions of good jobs. These jobs will help build the infrastructure we need in communities across the country.

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@OurRevolution: On #NationalNursesDay it has never been more clear: We need #MedicareForAll. Our broken for-profit healthcare system left us ill-prepared for a global pandemic – where nurses had to reuse PPE. That should NEVER be the case!

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@RepJayapal: We need to stop allowing McConnell to block our POPULAR agenda. End the filibuster, ditch Mitch, and deliver for the people.

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@FundForHumanity: It’s all about control just like the social safety net programs are. They don’t trust the poorest New Yorkers to choose what they need for themselves.

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@POTUS: If we want our economy to recover in a way that deals everyone in, then our restaurants need a seat at the table — with the American Rescue Plan, they have it. Thanks to our new Restaurant Revitalization Fund, we’ll be able to help about 100,000 restaurants.

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@douglaswburns: Has this column today in the @dailyyonder Commentary: Rural Americans Need to See Themselves as Part of America’s Diversity.@RoKhanna gets this, he’s among most effective, well-positioned advocates for rural America living outside of rural America.

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@BernieSanders: I view the world a little bit differently than Mitch McConnell. I’m LIVE in Kentucky NOW laying out why we need a government that represents all the people – not just the 1%.

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