@RoKhanna: A must read for every Democrat by ⁦@danpfeiffer⁩. One takeaway: “the voter is always right.” Remembering that would solve so much of our messaging challenges. And it shows a humility in the long term wisdom of the American public.

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@FundForHumanity: Yes, a vaccine is meant to stop you from catching the disease and must be injected with forethought as @scottsantens has argued: .

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@RoKhanna: A must read piece. @nytdavidbrooks, thoughtful about political philosophy and history, is one of the most insightful public intellectuals of our time. Like any UofC grad, he’s not about grade inflation!

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@RoKhanna: Brilliant essay by ⁦@ryangrim⁩. Democrats must embrace a deep patriotism that celebrates our goodness, the genius of our principles & institutions, & our promise while recognizing our failings. American is an exceptional nation, as Douglass believed.

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@robsiegel: On Friday we were lucky to have Rep. @RoKhanna visit my class on Business and Government @StanfordGSB. I was hugely impressed with his intellect, demeanor & style. While I may be on the other side of some policies, Ch. 10 of his book is a must read 4 all

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@thehill: “After Trump and Biden, the nation needs new leadership, and the Republican Party must lead the way” (@TheHillOpinion)

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@scottsantens: South African Federation of Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says government must focus on making basic income grants permanent for 18 to 59-yr-olds to “boost the economy, creating demand for products and services, thus creating many jobs.”

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@NoSurrenderNY: Friends and allies: the 2022 mid-terms are one year from today. Here in New York, we have a real chance to pick up seats and deliver a total wipeout against the extremist New York Republicans. Help us throw MAGA out of the Empire State. We must fight! Join us. #NoSurrender 🇺🇸

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@karrilevens: Mr. Hummingbird must be getting into some more fights. He’s loosing his feathers again on his head. #hummingbird #bird #birdphotography #birdlovers

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