@AndrewYang: It’s true – our merch now ships nationally! Show your support for our movement today by chipping in to get yours at 😀

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@BernieSanders: I am on my way to Kentucky to give a major address at 2:30 p.m. ET about the future of our country and the choices we have to make. The vision of Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment versus that of the Progressive movement could not be clearer.

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@FundForHumanity: That’s how you build a movement that mobilizes the people and persists until the goal is reached. That’s how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. But unlike that legislation whose implementation depends on the powers that be, UBI goes directly to each individual. FREEDOM.

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@BernieSanders: The difference in ideology between Senator McConnell and myself, between the Republican Party and the progressive movement, is not a question of big government versus small government. It’s a question of whose interests the government represents. #BernieInKY

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@HumanityForward: Humanity Forward Members are supporting the ONLY bipartisan operation dedicated to passing cash relief through Congress.Become a member of the movement to cancel poverty at:

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@HumanityForward: Humanity Forward members earn benefits every month for their $5 contributions, including:HF Congressional News ReportsMonthly HF Members Guest PanelsExclusive, HF Members-Only Merch Drops & more!Join the movement at

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@BernieSanders: I want you to think about an America in which we have an explosion of union membership. That’s our job — together, we must grow the trade union movement all over this country. The only way we deliver real power to working people is by rebuilding the trade union movement.

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