@POTUS: My Administration has mobilized a whole-of-government response to get more fuel quickly and safely to where it is needed and to limit the pain being felt by American consumers.

President Biden (@JoeBiden) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: So proud to receive the endorsement of NY state senator @tobystavisky and announce our plans for an Education Opportunity Fund for kids who need more support and Universal Early Learn for our youngest children. Let’s set our kids up to succeed. 👍

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: At a time when we see so many of our nation’s needs going unmet, we have got to ask ourselves: why are we spending more on the military than the next 12 nations combined?

Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) / Twitter

@OurRevolution: Mitch McConnell has already assured us that he will obstruct our country’s progress at all costs.No more time wasted! NO MORE EXCUSES! We must #EndTheFilibuster.

Our Revolution (@OurRevolution) / Twitter

@SteveWestly: #SiliconValley will always be the epicenter of innovation but we do need to create more tech hubs across the country. I wrote a piece on this recently with Rep. @RoKhanna

Steve Westly (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: Honored to be endorsed by NY State Senator @JeremyCooneyROC who is launching a basic income bill in the state house. These are the kinds of relationships that will deliver for the people of NYC. Learn more about my plan for basic income in New York:

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) / Twitter

@scottsantens: The universality of UBI is an integral element of what makes it such a powerful idea, and those whose goal it is to reduce inequality shouldn’t be turned off by its universality, but should instead embrace UBI as being far more effective than means-testing at reducing inequality.

Scott Santens (@karrilevens) / Twitter