@MattHaneySF: “The movement to use guaranteed income as a tool to fight poverty gained more ground in SF, where The City is poised to roll out a new pilot program to put cash directly in the hands of low-income, transgender residents.” More to come! @MichaelDTubbs

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@scottsantens: Great answer here from @MichaelDTubbs about guaranteed income versus universal basic income:

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@FundForHumanity: Thank you @MichaelDTubbs for making a powerful statement about UBI . The guaranteed income pilots are indeed graduating from charity to public policy and public policy will inevitably graduate to UBI bc of the dramatic changes in the world of work.

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@MichaelDTubbs: California and @GavinNewsom continue to lead the way. The first Governor to propose funding guaranteed income programs in their state as an answer to economic insecurity. 35 million to support locals. We can end poverty in CA! @mayorsforagi

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@FundForHumanity: And with hard work, a constant commitment to the goal and a relentless attention to its fulfillment. Thank you @MichaelDTubbs for your outstanding contribution to making UBI a reality.

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