@MeidasTouch: Two more hours to become a member before the next batch goes into production! Please consider retweeting and chipping in $20.21 here before midnight PDT to become a member of MeidasTouch and help fund our critical efforts in these off year elections.

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@thehill: WATCH: Tempers flare in Colorado House after GOP member calls another “Buckwheat”: “That’s an endearing term, by the way”

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@MeidasTouch: Florida’s top cops targeted a DNC member to kick him out of Gov. DeSantis’ public meeting

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@AndrewYang: Shoutout to our amazing volunteers in Sunset Park this week – Linda, Rafa, Chris, Jai, Elizabeth, Abdul, Trevor, and City Council Member @cmenchaca – you made it happen! Special thanks to Linda who helped organize the event and recruited volunteers to come together! 😀

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@kylegriffin1: President Biden to a member of Congress after his address: “How’s your mom? Give her my love.”

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@jimwohlgemuth: @RoKhanna Just saw you on Democracy Now. You are the only, ONLY, member of Congress that always gives me hope.

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@RoKhanna: Thanks for sharing this. As I said before, if every member of Congress summarizes what’s in @POTUS’ plan, the American people will support it in no time! Great work!

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@HumanityForward: Humanity Forward Members are supporting the ONLY bipartisan operation dedicated to passing cash relief through Congress.Become a member of the movement to cancel poverty at:

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@MaxGhenis: UBI community: Did you know that 29 House members today introduced a bill to give a monthly cash payment to every person in America?This is not a drill! This is not April Fool’s! Call your member of Congress and ask them to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act!

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