@thehill: Rep. Liz Cheney on issuing subpoenas: “We’ve got to make sure that we get to every piece of information that matters.”

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@VP: In 2020, people voted in record numbers. They voted for:—An expanded Child Tax Credit – which will help cut child poverty in half —$1,400 checks—Record job growthOur vote matters.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Now imagine if our former president had encouraged everyone to get the vaccine as soon as it was available and if he’d even made one of his publicity stunts out of getting the vaccine himself?It matters who people hear things from, and what they don’t hear from whom they trust.

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@OurRevolution: Change happens from the bottom-up. Every election matters. School Boards. City Councils. District Attorneys. We must organize locally in order to win nationally. #OrganizeToWin @ashybrey

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@MikeLevin: 300 million shots in arms. 167 million relief payments. Millions of new jobs. 40-year high projected economic growth.Six months ago in the midst of a global pandemic and a tough economy, no one thought this was possible.Leadership matters.

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@BernieSanders: When we stand together against the existential threat of climate change, we can create a future where preserving our planet matters more than Big Oil’s profits. Grassroots power stopped Keystone XL, and it will #StopLine3.

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@VP: What happens abroad matters to the United States. @POTUS and I will continue to strengthen our relationships around the world.

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@AndrewYang: Mental health care matters — especially for our young New Yorkers. That’s why I’ll embed mental health services in every school and end the practice of NYPD handcuffing students in emotional distress. We need to extend care, not punishment. Learn more:

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@scottsantens: When I say UBI will save us resources, that’s the entire point anyway. Money is just a construct. It’s a way of helping us measure available resources but we’ve forgotten that money isn’t really what matters. The question is do we have the resources to end poverty, and yes we do.

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