@scottsantens: “Wariness of inoculation made his troops very susceptible to the disease,” according to the library. “After heavy losses in Boston and Quebec, Washington implemented the first mass immunization policy in American history.”Interesting bit of our history.

Scott Santens (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: Ending the eviction moratorium while states – like New York – fail to disburse tenant relief funds is a disaster. Mass evictions during a pandemic will be catastrophic and should be avoided at all costs.

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) / Twitter

@POTUS: I condemn the mass detentions and sham trials that are the Cuban regime’s efforts to threaten the Cuban people into silence. My Administration stands with the Cuban people, and is imposing new sanctions targeting those in the Cuban regime responsible for this crackdown.

President Biden (@JoeBiden) / Twitter

@basicincomecdn: The new industries we’re inventing are not mass employers. #BasicIncome

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@PramilaJayapal: 38 people were shot and 6 people killed in a 6 HOUR span last weekend. We’ve already had 270 mass shootings & 8,700 people killed by gun violence in 2021.Enough is ENOUGH. During Gun Violence Prevention Month, we MUST end the filibuster & pass the common sense reforms we need.

Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: For Manhattan District Attorney, I’m proud to endorse @TahanieNYC who will lead the wave of progressive prosecutors working to end mass incarceration and change the face of criminal justice in this country.

Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) / Twitter

@EMaxfieldMoen: Some people on here just like to offer a dissenting opinion, no matter what. I could tweet “Mass murder of children is always a bad thing!” and two or three people will be like “Well, let’s not be hasty…”

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@PramilaJayapal: Poverty exists because we choose to let it exist.But we can choose to invest in people instead of our military. In housing and education instead of mass incarceration. We can choose to have everyone pay their fair share in taxes.We can and must choose differently.

Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) / Twitter

@PramilaJayapal: There have been nearly 250 mass shootings SO FAR this year. More than 100 people die every day from gun violence.Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and it’s clear: we must act. End the filibuster and pass the common sense gun safety reforms that people need and want.

Pramila Jayapal (@PramilaJayapal) / Twitter