@scottsantens: $50 says David didn’t make this video in exchange for money to survive out of fear he might otherwise possibly die if he didn’t make it, and instead he did it because he already had his basic needs covered and thought he would be making the world a bit better by adding a new vid.

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@RoKhanna: 1️⃣ Relieve the burden on working families2️⃣ Fight the climate crisis3️⃣ Only cost $350 billion per year4️⃣ Pay for it by making sure corporations and the ultra-rich pay their fair share5️⃣ Create millions of jobs in the processThe Build Back Better bill is good economics.

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@briflys: I read the manuscript, but the hard copy is even better. Thank you ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ for making as much sense as ever with the way you help us see things. And it was fun to relive that LA rally in the opening pages…😂 Pick up this book!

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@scottsantens: In the hopes of making this article as accessible as possible given the length, I narrated an audio version.Here are some listening options:Anchor: : : :

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@FundForHumanity: Here is my late son, Gerald Huff, making the case for why the Fourth Industrial Revolution is different from the previous ones and why jobs are not the answer.

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@RoKhanna: I am sure @chrislhayes he would have for Colony in a Nation, which is a brilliant examination of the marginalization of certain communities from political decision making. Habermas is 93 and still writing and corresponding! In my case, I imagine he graded on a politician’s curve!

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@VP: Our #BuildBackBetter agenda will cut taxes for middle class families and lower costs—for prescription drugs, home care, childcare, and more. It will create good-paying, union jobs. And it will level the playing field by making corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share.

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