@BernieSanders: We are the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid parental leave. Is that acceptable? I think not.

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@RBReich: Say it with me: No infrastructure deal with Republicans lacking major policies to tackle climate change.

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@karrilevens: I’m a 2nd generation Arizonan. Born & raised in the Phoenix area. I know the names of all the major roads in the Phoenix area including a lot of residential roads. I’d never get lost here. I have no plans to move out of the state of Arizona & plan on retiring in the Payson area.

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@fairvote: #RankedChoiceVoting scored a major win in Colorado this week! The legislature passed a bill to let cities and towns opt-in to RCV, which is now heading to @GovofCO for a signature. Read the full story @denverpost:

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@thehill: “We haven’t given up hope that we’ll be able to reach a deal on something really important for the country, that we really need to accomplish and that is a major infrastructure bill,” McConnell said.

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@ZachandMattShow: INBOX: Andrew Yang to Receive Major Union Endorsement Ahead of Third Mayoral Debate

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@thehill: NATO Sec. General Jens Stoltenberg: “A strong NATO is good for Europe but it’s also good for the United States. No other major power has as many friends and allies as the United States has in NATO.”

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@RBReich: Just a random reminder that not a single major Wall Street executive went to jail for nearly demolishing our economy in 2008.This country has a major accountability problem for people in power.

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@RoKhanna: I’ve been in Congress for almost 5 years. In that time, we haven’t had a major bill to curb gun violence make it to the President’s desk.Today’s shooting in my district is one more senseless tragedy in America.Enough. End the filibuster and pass universal background checks.

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