@dpakman: Can anyone explain what’s up with the Putin-loving right-left coalition? Here’s a glowing profile from Fox News, meanwhile some on the left are defending authoritarians Putin, Assad, Maduro, etc. What’s happening? Is this the “populism” we heard so much about?

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@ToastyRamen: Rank @AndrewYang as number 1 on the ballot. Not Left, Not Right, Forward. #HumanityForward #VoteYang #UBI

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@OurRevolution: “Even with clear public health implications, the safety of tear gas products sold in the U.S. appears to be largely left to the discretion of the manufacturers – a shocking gap in regulation given the hazardous nature of the chemicals.” – @AOC & @CoriBush

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@RBReich: Who else thinks there’s only one way left to convey to future presidents that the rule of law applies to them — the Justice Department must abandon two centuries of tradition by indicting and prosecuting Donald Trump for his conduct in office?

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@RoKhanna: For decades, America led the world in industry—we can do the same for tech and innovation.That’s why I’m so proud of our Endless Frontier Act, which will fund the cutting-edge research and technology that would otherwise be left behind.

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@OurRevolution: “If a bill is co-sponsored by a majority of legislators, it should come to a vote. Simple.” 1 day left to #PassNYHealth.#MedicareForAll @JabariBrisport

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@FundForHumanity: Do the MATH. Democrats are not monolithic and there are at least 3 in the Senate who have more moderate views on governing and who reflect the values of the states they represent. The House margin is razor-thin with progressives pulling to the left. What is Pres. Biden to do?

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@FundForHumanity: That’s the dirty little secret behind our social safety net. The homeless, single mothers, caregivers, the disabled who, through a combination of circumstances cannot work as well as those who can’t find a job they qualify for are left behind. That’s why we need UBI.

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@AndrewYang: I’m running for mayor for every New Yorker who’s been left behind and underrepresented.

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@scottsantens: Every actual defender of what’s left of American democracy who’s witnessing the GOP’s destruction of democracy in favor of permanent minority rule: “FFS end the anti-democratic filibuster and pass the For the People Act before it’s too late!”Joe Manchin:

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