@WhiteHouse: This week we launched the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide direct relief to restaurants and other hard-hit food establishments — bars, bakeries, food stands, food trucks, caterers. Visit to learn more about the program and how to apply.

The White House (@JoeBiden) / Twitter

@POTUS: Teachers are an extraordinary force for good in our nation — I’m lucky enough to be married to one and have seen firsthand how hard they work for their students. This year teachers have gone above and beyond to help children learn through the pandemic. So please, thank a teacher.

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@revwendy3: The poise with which @AndrewYang continues his mayoral run in the face of cruel, withering, coordinated attacks against him is a lesson to his detractors in humility and Grace under fire. They could learn a thing or two from him, if they were interested.

Rev. Wendy Hamilton (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@POTUS: To make tonight’s joint address accessible for all Americans, every White House livestream will have American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for the first time in history. You can learn more about how to tune in here:

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@MikeLevin: I am incredibly saddened to learn that a USCP officer died while protecting our Capitol today from a vehicle attack. This has been an unbelievably challenging year and our USCP officers are heroes. Keeping all involved in my prayers.

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ASaguaroCactus: RT @HumanityForward: The more basic and guaranteed income pilots pop up across the country, the more we’re able to learn about the full ext…

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