@scottsantens: The title of the book is “Forward.” It will be available to read starting October 5, and you can pre-order it now. The future of our democracy is up to us. We can’t keep blaming symptoms. We have to structurally reform the system to build a better future.

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@MeidasTouch: Wow! 229 of you have now stepped up for Small Dollar Sunday! Help keep it going. Chip in $2.50 before midnight to help fund our critical efforts during these off year elections:

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@MeidasTouch: #MarjorieTheManiac is still trending top 5 in the United States. Retweet to keep it there all night.

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@BernieSanders: Maybe there’s a problem with an economic system which sees a handful of billionaires grow their wealth massively during a pandemic, and zoom around space in rocket ships, while millions of people struggle to keep a roof over their heads in the richest country on Earth.

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@dpakman: If a rumor started that “liberals want to keep the vaccine away from conservatives so that they die?” Would it make them get vaccinated to “own the libs?”

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@FundForHumanity: Our infrastructure is falling apart. PG&E has postponed maintenance for years as has the Federal Government with our roads and bridges. It’s just going to keep happening, viz. Florida and Kentucky.

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@MeidasTouch: Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene do not like that this video has 2.4 million views. Keep retweeting.

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@MeidasTouch: Matt Gaetz and Marg stay losing. We keep winning. Get the best GQP repellent right now at

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