@VP: Freedom Riders across the country, including John Lewis, stood up to segregation 60 years ago. Today, we honor their courage and moral conviction in the face of violence, hate, and racism. And we’re reminded that the actions of a few can ensure a better future for all.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@karrilevens: – Married Since 2013 – Owner of the Progressive website Progressive Christian – Directly related to the second president, John Adams- Part Time Postal Worker – Independent Contactor- Love Music, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Road Trips & Casino’s.

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@karrilevens: On one side of my family line I am related to second president of the United States, John Adams and on the other side I’m Slavic and also come from a line of pirates. 🤔

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@POTUS: If we are to truly restore the soul of America, then we need to protect the sacred right to vote.Congress should pass H.R. 1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and send them to my desk right away.

Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) / Twitter