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@HumanityForward: U.S. households are spending an extra $327 a month due to inflation.A recent study shows 70% of households receiving the Child Tax Credit were insulated from rising costs due to the monthly payments.

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@HumanityForward: “Policy should be evidence-based,” writes @scottsantens, in his latest for “When it comes to the monthly CTC, the evidence is in.”

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@HumanityForward: NEW DATA: A @WashUSPI study published by @BrookingsInst finds that the monthly #ChildTaxCredit insulated families from inflation and helped some parents avoid payday loans and selling their blood plasma.

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@ArthurDelaneyHP: The expanded child tax credit helped some parents avoid payday loans and selling their blood plasma, per new research sponsored by @HumanityForward

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@HumanityForward: For many families, the [#ChildTaxCredit] was a lifeline. And the past two months without it have pushed them back into financial instability.

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@HumanityForward: “If I had been receiving the Child Tax Credit on a monthly basis a few years ago, it would have saved my job.”Read Joseph Phillips’ story about the kind of difference the monthly #ChildTaxCredit can make.

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@HumanityForward: Do you have an eye for design, but want to create impactful campaigns calling for climate solutions? Apply to be an Advocacy Fellow with our colleagues at Sustainable Partners!

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@HumanityForward: Inflation continued a steady march upward last month, according to recent reports.Reestablishing the monthly child tax credit “could provide significant assistance to families struggling to make ends meet,” writes HF Policy Council member Elaine Maag.

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@HumanityForward: The hardest thing about teaching is when your student carries the weight of the world into class with them.”The #ChildTaxCredit will not give them wealth, but it gives them a path forward,” writes Karl Hubner.

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