@LeonyMerks: This floating hotel produces it’s own electricity. #HumanityForward #ai #tech #innovation 🍀🤖🌎

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@HumanityForward: Direct cash policies put people in charge of revitalizing their regional economies.Universal Basic Income would expand the buying capacity of current residents rather than subsidizing businesses that are theoretically attractive to new residents.

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@HumanityForward: This time last year, most Americans were receiving their first stimulus check in the pandemic.Now we’re building momentum for monthly stimulus & parents will begin receiving monthly checks on July 1.Let’s keep moving forward.

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@HumanityForward: “I worried that my son and I would go hungry. The child tax credit is a financial lifeline.”The expanded child tax credit means parents will start receiving MONTHLY checks on July 1. Let’s make that permanent to slash child poverty for good.

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@HumanityForward: Over 70 lawmakers in Congress, including 21 Senators are now in favor of MONTHLY recovery checks for the people.Do you support monthly checks?Sign the petition to show your support and send a message to Congress that can’t be ignored!

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@HumanityForward: Monthly checks are not a far-fetched idea anymore.They provide much-needed security for Americans in unsustainable economic circumstances.Most of us have experienced the proof of concept in the past year, and its popularity is only growing.

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@HumanityForward: Missed the news from yesterday?The IRS confirmed that American families will start receiving monthly checks on July 1.

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@HumanityForward: 24% of Americans out of work have been unemployed for over a year.Unemployment insurance wasn’t designed with long term unemployment like this in mind — it’s time we pass monthly recovery checks.

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@HumanityForward: Independent analysis from the Brookings Institution indicates the expanded child tax credit will lower child poverty from 14% to 7.5% & raise economic mobility.”Child allowances are a powerful anti-poverty policy; but they are pro-mobility policy, too.”

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