@AndrewYang: While I’m in the Bay Area you know what company I love around here? @americangiant – clothes made in America. Got a hoodie a while back and loved it.

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@Ugentilini: What happens when giving #cashtransfers ($50) directly to high school students every week for a year?A New Orleans school tried it out…… see here for news reporting: … and here for the trial overview:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Santa Cruz (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@thehill: .@SenSchumer: “It is my intention to hold a vote for the Freedom to Vote Act here on the Senate floor. If Republicans are unwilling to move forward, Democrats will have to move on our own. Inaction from Republicans on voting rights is not an excuse to do nothing.”

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@karrilevens: Here is a photo I just took of tonight’s full moon. #moon #moonphotography #FullMoon

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@michaelgwaltz: I’ll be discussing the geopolitical consequences of the Taliban’s violent coup in Afghanistan with @RoKhanna and @PoliticoRyan at the @ConcordiaSummitat at 4pm ET. Tune in here:

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@FundForHumanity: My late son Gerald Huff captured this dilemma in his techno-thriller “Crisis 2038 – Will Technology Ever Benefit Us All?” You can listen to it free here: .

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@KPIXtv: There’s a new life awaiting Afghan refugees landing in Fremont after the Taliban takeover and, on Friday, Rep. Ro Khanna met with some refugees and told them they are welcome here.

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@thehill: “There are uniformed officers here whom I demand you respect, you’re kind to, you’re respectful to and you’re obedient to,” Braynard told rally-goers. “They’re here to keep us safe and we’re counting on them to do that, and we know that they will.”

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@FundForHumanity: Check out that posits a vision for a better society in a generation. Here is the AP press release on the subject.

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@FundForHumanity: Take a look at what Finland did: here is what’s happening in San Francisco: they ever learn?

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