@AndrewYang: How hard is it to get a plant reopened and approved when it’s impacting thousands of families or import supply? Come on.

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@scottsantens: “I don’t qualify for assistance. You make too much money to qualify for assistance, but then you don’t make enough money to be able to save to get somewhere else to live. So I’m in that middle place – that gray area I had a hard time seeing my whole life.”UBI reaches that area.

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@thehill: .@RepMTG on baby formula shortage “This is something that is hard to even imagine, but we cannot trust our government. If you’re an expecting mother, I urge you strongly urge you to do the best you can to try to breastfeed.”

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@raguileramx: Yeah, on Feb 10 this was seen as potentially provocative given there was no assurance that Russia would actually invade and all efforts were being made to avoid this. Now that it did, the gloves are off.Not terribly hard to figure this out, genius.

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@RoKhanna: Here’s the big difference between Starbucks organizers and Howard Schultz:Organizers know how to actually win a campaign. I’m proud to stand alongside them and hard working, every day Americans.

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@AndrewYang: The question then is: how to achieve anything? The answer lies in moving away from the two-party system and pushing toward reforms that enable different factions and coalitions to emerge that also introduces real competition for both parties. Is it hard? Sure. But also necessary.

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@AndrewYang: It’s very hard to place our trust in any individual, particularly in a polarized time when 50% of Americans despise the same person that the other 50% venerates. We are more comfortable with – and accustomed to – being failed by faceless bureaucracies . .

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@scottsantens: The average monthly cost of inflation to American families is about identical to the average monthly benefit the monthly child tax credit was providing them, meaning families could be protected from inflation, but instead Congress decided to hit them 2x as hard by taking it away.

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@EvelynYang: ❤️ to @AndrewYang after being very preoccupied this week. If you are curious about what he’s been up to— this is EVEN better than I remembered it live. Respect you for always fighting for the hard thing, not the easy thing. Stay wild. 😉🔥❤️

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@ubi_works: “Hard work does not pay off like it used to” – Dr. Paul Kershaw, UBC Professor and @GenSqueeze founderCanadians are facing the big squeeze: tech is melting wages as costs continue to rise. Canadians need basic income.

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