@MeidasTouch: Legal experts say Kevin McCarthy obstructed justice. Ben and Popok discuss what may happen next:

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@income_movement: Who’s making the Basic Income March happen? Hear directly from these incredible organizers bringing their communities together in the fight for basic income about why you should join us on September 25th. Find an event near you: #BasicIncomeMarch2021

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@RoKhanna: Goldman’s analysis finds that 750k families will be evicted from their homes before the end of the year, and available housing will rise 1%.Why the rise? Because the expectation is that families will become homeless.We can’t let that happen. Congress must act.

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@RBReich: When McConnell didn’t have 60 votes needed to confirm Trump’s judicial and SCOTUS nominees, he carved out an exception to the filibuster and made it happen anyway — fueling the war on voting rights. Dems must now respond by abolishing the filibuster to *protect* voting rights.

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@scottsantens: “When she considers how much $300/mo will change their lives, she begins to cry… ‘I want him to have a better life and a better childhood than what I had, and I feel like that’s going to happen now,’ she said.”Seeking out CTC stories is full of feels.

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@SpiroAgnewGhost: After the news of @ManhattanDA charging Ken Kurson with crimes this afternoon—Kurson is a close friend of Jared Kushner’s & Trump’s pardoned by him in January—a connected source tells me the same thing is very likely to happen to Steve Bannon in the coming weeks/months.

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@AriaaJaeger: “Joy doesn’t happen to you it happens within you.” Ariaa JaegerGood morning. 🤗

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@dpakman: Are people mad that Biden said it simply has to end, and acted on it? What happened was going to happen whenever we got out, but…how long should we stay? And what about the Trumpists pretending the same damn thing wouldn’t have happened if it had been Trump who pulled them out?

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@scottsantens: It’s time for #BasicIncomeNow. Please sign this petition in support of it as Canada begins its way to its 44th General Election. Now is the time for basic income in Canada. No more pilots. No more testing. We know it works. Make it happen.

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@citizensclimate: A #PriceOnCarbon is the essential tool needed to bring emissions down at the speed that is required. It must be included in the reconciliation bill this year. You can help make it happen by contacting your representative.⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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