@karrilevens: Mushrooms growing in Christopher Creek, Arizona. #mushrooms #ChristopherCreek #Arizona

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@scottsantens: I think the Fair Representation Act is as important to pass as the For the People Act, but it’s not as well known. It is the surest way of eliminating all gerrymandering in the US while also reducing partisanship, ending the spoiler effect of 3rd parties, and growing diversity.

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@scottsantens: “There has been a growing interest among scholars in studying the role of bullshit in society.”I feel that sentence is kind of perfect. #NotTheOnion

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@thehill: Alarming new study finds extreme temps killing 5 million people each year—with deadly heat growing worse

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@RoKhanna: The promise of a growing economy is that everyone can reap its rewards.Since the early 70s, the size of the US economy ballooned from $5,000 per capita to more than $65,000. But hourly wages stayed the same.If the economy doesn’t work for working people then it isn’t working.

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@k8em0: I love that we will have a measurable implementation of income without work requirements for parents in this country with the child tax credit, to demonstrate how it will grow the economy.I hope we expand it to all adults, growing the economy even more with true #UBI .

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@scottsantens: UBI is universal, unconditional, cash that can be spent on anything. This is not universal, not unconditional, and not cash that can be spent on anything. It’s interesting though to see a Republican trying to market something as UBI. It shows UBI’s growing popularity with voters.

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@OurRevolution: Mitch McConnell thinks those who want to #TaxTheRich should go to JAIL.Let’s be clear: the @GOP do NOT care about the working class. They only care about growing the pockets of their big corporate & billionaire donors.

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@Bowmanvillain: .@ErinOtooleMP As your constituent, I urge you to vote YES on Bill #C273. #BasicIncome would boost Canada’s economy and innovation, while ending poverty and growing the middle class.@ubi_works

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@karrilevens: I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you spiritual wisdom and revelation in your growing knowledge of him, Ephesians 1:17 #KarriLevens

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