@VP: Small businesses want safer roads to deliver their goods, better transit for their customers and employees, and a high-quality internet connection to grow their business. The American Jobs Plan will bring affordable broadband to every small business in the country.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@POTUS: Trickle-down economics has never worked.It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out.

Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) / Twitter

@RBReich: “Trickle-down economics has never worked. It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out,” says Biden. Exactly. Hopefully, this marks an end to Reaganomics — one of the greatest economic failures in history.

Saguaro Cactus (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@katy_kin: I sort of think the #yanggang should make our own crypto coin & literally call it #yanggang , so we can properly test how large our community is/ can grow too.Thoughts @AndrewYang ?!

Eric Garcia for Congress (@busybid) / Twitter

@danbickley: Much respect to @KoleCalhoun for the way he handled that little kid in ATL. That’s how you grow the game. #Knuckles

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Canada’s PBO report on basic income says one identical to the Ontario pilot would cost $87 billion/yr and cut poverty in half. Cost of poverty is $84 billion/yr. Net cost is thus $45 billion. However it would also grow the economy by $80 billion/yr.Would you spend $45 on $80?

Scott Santens (@HumanityForward) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: I want you to think about an America in which we have an explosion of union membership. That’s our job — together, we must grow the trade union movement all over this country. The only way we deliver real power to working people is by rebuilding the trade union movement.

Ro Khanna (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter