@RBReich: Great news: We’ve had a 45% drop in poverty. Not great news: The 3 programs that cut poverty most — stimulus checks, increased food stamps, and expanded unemployment insurance — have ended or will soon revert to their pre-pandemic size. Lesson: Poverty is a political choice.

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@enfein: Great to see the pro-peace contingent using their perch to speak out for Yemen and for ending U.S. complicity in Saudi/Emirati-led intervention

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@FundForHumanity: Here is a great example of how these pilots are so much more than giving people money. It’s about recognizing their dignity and empowering them to take control of their own lives.

Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity (@FundForHumanity) / Twitter

@Michell82653585: Good morning everyone. Its #thicktrunktuesday. Here’s another pic i took at Idaho Falls. Say hello to my little friend. 😂 Hope y’all have/are having a wonderful day. Make it a GREAT one. Take care. #goodmorning #nature #squirrel #tree #Idaho

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@OurRevolution: HELLO SOMEBODY! A great canvass – with @AOC – for the greatest candidate for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District, @ninaturner!The establishment is pulling out all of their tricks to maintain the status quo & prevent transformational change. Call for SNT:

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@scottsantens: Just updated my BIG Library with @AndrewYang’s new book that’s available in October. As we discussed on Yang Speaks recently, there’s a lot of books to read that can help inform everyone better on the topic of UBI, and this list is a great starting place.

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@FundForHumanity: That is the theme of my late son’s techno-thriller “Crisis 2038.” You can listen to it here for free: . Great summer book.

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@scottsantens: Speaking of a federal job guarantee, here’s a guarantee: I guarantee that if FJG existed under Trump, there would have been a lot of people employed as Great Wall builders.I also question how wise it would have been during 2020 to pay people to job instead of stay home with UI.

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@JosephMiller3: This is great. Stimulus checks often got treated as a political sideshow, but were ultimately really vital (and popular!) relief for families & the economy. The government should directly give people money more often!

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