@dpakman: So Larry Elder somehow sorta conceded already? Put out a statement last night about Newsom being “reinstated” as Governor due to a rigged election. Pretty full on bonkers stuff.

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@VP: Yesterday I spoke to @LouisianaGov to discuss helping the people of the Gulf Coast impacted by Hurricane Ida. As I told the Governor: our administration is committed to supporting recovery efforts.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@ZerlinaShow: “The recall was largely fueled by people who didn’t like the fact that the governor was following science.” @RoKhanna weighs in on the California recall election that is now less than a week away.

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@dpakman: It’s pretty wild how California has one of the top US state economies, on par with some rapidly growing countries, and a bunch of people want to remove the governor. I’m ready to bet Newsom stays, but it’s still wacky

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Newly released polls show Governor Gregg Abbott’s re-election chances in BIG jeopardy. They found that 50% of Texas voters “disapprove” of his performance, and a majority think his handling of COVID has been disastrous. RT IF YOU THINK TEXAS SHOULD DUMP ABBOTT IN 2022!

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@ewarren: I was glad to stand with @GavinNewsom today. Californians: Vote NO on the recall & send your ballot back by 9/14 to keep him as governor so women’s rights are respected, children are protected, our planet is defended, & all Californians have a fighting chance to build a future.

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