@AndrewYang: Having spent time in Georgia among many other states I think it ranks pretty high up there, definitely as a place to spend a couple months. Great people, excellent food, nice weather, and a lot of new good things happening.

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) / Twitter

@StevenHill1776: Why does @FairVote focus on proportional #RankedChoiceVoting as best method to end winner-take-all elections? In his Democracy SOS article, @Rob_Richie says RCV adheres to important US traditions,can be used for partisan AND nonpartisan, good for VRA &more

Paulina Cachero (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: We have a choice:❌ Continue to subsidize Big Oil as they make climate change worse.Or,✅ Unleash massive investments in green energy and create millions of good paying jobs to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.

Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@karrilevens: What upset me the most about what went through were the mind games, harassment & all the evil behind it. I only had good intentions & did what I could to help people. This whole ordeal showed me how strong Jesus really is. I will never forget what the Lord has done for me! Never!

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@dpakman: A viewer once cancelled a paid membership because I said that Godfather is a good film. He said I was irresponsibly glorifying violence by saying that.

David Pakman (@dpakman) / Twitter