@RoKhanna: A small tax on the ultra wealthy like @JeffBezos could fund vital priorities. Some fortunes dramatically increased during the pandemic. @RepTomSuozzi calls it a Patriot Tax. Investing in America’s families and jobs is patriotic.

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@RoKhanna: For decades, America led the world in industry—we can do the same for tech and innovation.That’s why I’m so proud of our Endless Frontier Act, which will fund the cutting-edge research and technology that would otherwise be left behind.

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@OurRevolution: This is a NO BRAINER. Our taxpayer dollars should NOT fund corporations. SHAME on @amazon. #TaxTheRich

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@SarahAshtonLV: “Toward that end she’s proposed Vegas Promise, an economic dividend fund… Proceeds for a small annual check to each city resident would come from three industries — hospitality, cannabis, and technology.” #UBI @JonMunitz @scottsantens

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@RoKhanna: Policymaking is a matter of priorities.Are we going to let the rich fund their science fiction fantasies about space, *or* are we going to fund our schools, invest in our economic growth, and ensure that every American has health care?Audit and tax the ultra rich.

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@RoKhanna: This is why I’m working to pass our Stop CHEATERS Act, to fully fund the IRS and hold the ultra-rich accountable for tax evasion.

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@FundForHumanity: The key word here is “collects.” Arguments about the tax rate are meaningless because Amazon paid zero taxes last year. We need a MINIMUM tax rate and to properly fund the IRS to enable it to go after individuals who use armies of accountants to dodge taxes are what is needed.

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@StarTribune: The city of Minneapolis would pay about 200 low-income families $500 a month for two years as part of a guaranteed income program that Mayor Jacob Frey wants to fund with American Rescue Plan dollars.

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@GunnelsWarren: If Jeff Bezos, the richest man alive worth $188 billion, can afford an $8.4 billion acquisition of MGM and a $500 million 417-foot yacht with a helipad, you know what? He does not need $10 billion in corporate welfare to fund his space hobby. Yes. We will end the Bezos bailout.

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@Artists4Yang: Eric Adams is the War on Drugs candidate.Andrew Yang is the decriminalize and fund recovery and rehab candidate.#Yang4NY

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