@VP: For me, Pride has always been both a joy-filled celebration—and a time to recommit to the fight for equality. Today I met with LGBTQ+ advocates to discuss the progress our nation has made, and the work we must do to achieve full equality.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@BillyBaldwin: Republicans say Trump won.Republicans say January 6th was a picnic.Republicans blocked sweeping legislation to expand and protect voters rights.If you support this you are a fascist and a racist… full stop.

Beto O’Rourke (@MeidasTouch) / Twitter

@MikeLevin: Vaccines are in arms, wages are rising, jobs are coming back, but our work is far from over. We must pass the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan to unleash the full potential of America’s workers and families to thrive.

Karri Levens (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: Agree. Have been an advocate for mental health and will continue. Went to counseling as a young person. Full context here was mental illness is behind half of anti-Asian hate crimes. We need to get them compassionate comprehensive care – and not let them languish on our streets.

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: We’re still learning just how far the Trump administration was willing to go to overturn the results of our fair and free election.We must ensure the American people have a full accounting of events on, and leading up to, January 6th.

Emily Chang (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@karrilevens: The Lord strengthens and protects me; I trust in him with all my heart. I am rescued and my heart is full of joy; I will sing to him in gratitude. – Psalms 28:7 #KarriLevens

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@NABIGCongress: T-minus 3 days until #NABIG2021! Register now and make sure to check out our full event schedule:

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@MeidasTouch: We are ecstatic to hear the news of Reality Winner’s release from prison. This is just the beginning in her fight for justice—and we hope that @POTUS considers issuing a full pardon. Learn more about Reality’s story on our podcast with her family:

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@scottsantens: Sometimes victories are only partial. Take them and use that momentum for the full victory or even more partial victories to further build momentum for a full win. A partial victory is not a loss. It’s a win’s down payment. Refusing all partial victories is a strategy for losers.

Scott Santens (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@AndrewYang: Wonderful meeting voters at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Cypress Hills this morning with @RLEspinal! Also had a delicious tamale. Day 2 of early voting is in full swing – make your plan to vote at 😀

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