@thehill: Watchdog: Lack of action from the Defense Department may have led to “preventable” toxic chemicals exposure

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@MeidasTouch: Today, law enforcement will tell us their stories from January 6th. The American people deserve answers — not GOP conspiracies.

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@karrilevens: Okay people from other states! I’m a dry heat Arizonan and want to know how you handle all this humidity? This Phoenician is dying here! I think our humidity in Phoenix was 80% this morning!

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@scottsantens: “Only when #UBI was communicated with a narrative emphasizing the bipartisan value of individual freedom did UBI mitigate opposition from conservatives and welfare-related stereotypes. Exploratory analyses suggest values alignment and values salience as drivers of these impacts.”

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@scottsantens: Surgeries are being paused now in Louisiana so that the people who refused to get vaccinated can have their lives saved by those they didn’t trust enough to take medical advice from.

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@evanlweber: Important leadership here from @rokhanna, and the support of the Oversight Committee chair @repmaloney is significant.If McCoy doesn’t comply, they’ll be well within their right to subpoena McCoy & other Exxon execs, given what we’ve seen.Watch this space.

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@RoKhanna: Every day, companies collect massive amounts of personal data from users without their knowledge, and then turn around and sell it to OTHER companies.The American people deserve to have a say in how their data is used, and that’s why I introduced the Internet Bill of Rights.

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@RoKhanna: We’re going to pay for the climate crisis.So why shouldn’t we invest in a plan that will not only protect us from floods, drought, wildfires, and more, but will boost the economy at the same time? Let’s go big and bold on climate in the infrastructure bill.

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