@gabby_UCMaroon: Why do so many people not follow the “Keep right except to pass” rule on US highways? If you’re not going faster than the traffic to your right, pleae get out my way! Thanks for listening…

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@rebecca_boubel: Please Read & Follow @SenatorHassan We cannot lose this seat in 2022 if want to keep control of the Senate (D-NH)👇👇

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@BusyBid: FYI: If I follow you on any of my Twitter accounts and retweet one of your tweets or I retweet someone you retweeted, your tweet(s) will appear on some of my websites.

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ASaguaroCactus: RT @FundForHumanity: Just like the meritocracy myth (if you work hard and follow the rules, you’ll achieve the American Dream), the social…

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