@FundForHumanity: UBI is the first step toward a new mind set. READ: the Visions and Foundations document and WATCH: the video .

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@RoKhanna: .@RepAGonzalez reached across the aisle time and again to get things done. He is a principled conservative. But he put country first. He is a friend. The fact that he is being driven out of DC & and has no place in his caucus is a sad commentary on the state of our democracy.

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@WSJPolitics: Pandemic aid kept millions of Americans out of poverty last year, new Census Bureau data show. Without the first two rounds of stimulus checks, 11.7 million more people would have fallen beneath the poverty line.

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@AndrewYang: Look what just showed up – the first hardcover copies of my book! 😀

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@scottsantens: I just sold my first #NFT. Congrats to whomever bought it! And may you potentially resell it at a higher value at some point in the future to someone else who makes a high enough offer. 🥳

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@AndrewYang: The book tour is starting Oct 5- hoping to have the first dates posted this week!

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@MeidasTouch: @RzstProgramming is doing some of the most important research out there! Make sure to give Resist a follow to be the first to see clips like this.

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@RoKhanna: There aren’t really many words that can be said today. Instead, my thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims, first responders, and community members affected by the horrific acts of 20 years ago.As we continue to rebuild, we cannot forget them.

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