@FixOurSenate: Powerful words from former Majority Leader @SenatorReid:”It’s time Senate Democrats act with the urgency that this moment demands and abolish the filibuster once and for all.”

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@RBReich: The filibuster isn’t just absent from the Constitution – it’s blatantly unconstitutional. Here’s why:

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@RBReich: We did not bust our as*es getting Democrats elected so the party could hide behind the filibuster.

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@RBReich: Who else thinks preserving our democracy is more important than preserving an arcane Senate rule that was popularized during Jim Crow by segregationists?Abolish the filibuster.

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@scottsantens: Democrats in the Senate need to lock themselves in a room with Manchin. No one should be allowed to leave until Manchin says yes to filibuster reform in order to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.Federal voting protections need to be enacted ASAP.

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@RoKhanna: There’s an idea that eliminating the filibuster just means that Republicans will do what they want the next time they’re in the majority.That isn’t quite right. The American people are behind us and we need to deliver for them. We have popular opinion on our side. They don’t.

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@RBReich: Memo to Democrats: There’s nothing unfair about making our democracy fairer.End the filibuster. Expand the Supreme Court. Abolish the Electoral College.The GOP calls these moves radical because they know once we make democracy work, they won’t stand a chance.

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@scottsantens: If Democrats included voting rights in reconciliation, the VP could overrule the parliamentarian, then 50 senators could sustain Harris’s ruling and pass voting rights, without ever having to vote to alter the filibuster itself.This is an interesting strategy.

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