@HumanityForward: The U.S. Census Bureau has observed a significant reduction in food insecurity experienced by families receiving the Child Tax Credit.Now, the future of the policy is being determined in Washington.

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@ArizLib: 1,000 Phoenix Families To Get $1,000 Monthly Stipends. #UniversalBasicIncome cc: @scottsantens @AndrewYang

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@RoKhanna: A strong, bi-partisan majority of the American public support cost-free, universal pre-k.The reconciliation bill would support families and small businesses alike by allowing parents to get back to work. Pass the Build Back Better plan.

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@RoKhanna: Parents all over the country are caught in a cycle: they can’t afford child care so they reduce work hours, leading to less money coming in and more necessities having to be cut.Pass the Build Back Better bill, help families get back to work, help the economy.

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@Shwanika: Inundated with 100’s of requests from his constituents to get family and friends out of Afghanistan, Rep. Ro Khanna held a meeting with Bay Area Afghans to further gauge the plight of their families stuck in the country, and in need of possible evacuation.

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@scottsantens: “She’s also hoping Congress will keep the enhanced tax credit though she’s not counting on it. ‘I don’t get my hopes up that our government will do the right thing for women or families or children,’ she said.”Americans are so used to Congress sucking.

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@HumanityForward: Happy National #WorkingParentsDay !Today we recognize all the parents who work day in and day out to support their families — as we continue to work to prevent their Child Tax Credit benefits from expiring.

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@VP: What’s in our Build Back Better Agenda? Good-paying jobs and tax cuts for working families. Why? Because we know that by lifting up working families, we lift up America.

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@RoKhanna: There aren’t really many words that can be said today. Instead, my thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims, first responders, and community members affected by the horrific acts of 20 years ago.As we continue to rebuild, we cannot forget them.

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@VP: Our #BuildBackBetter agenda will cut taxes for middle class families and lower costs—for prescription drugs, home care, childcare, and more. It will create good-paying, union jobs. And it will level the playing field by making corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share.

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