@JosephABroadwa1: One thing I know about the Word of God, it’s not fake news it’s the absolute truth of what was, is and soon to come. Be ready!

Karri Levens (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Sitting member of Congress representing Iowa shares a clearly satirical article from an Onion-inspired website as if it’s true, and 4 days later she still hasn’t deleted it. How difficult is it to tell that a story including an interview with Army veteran Bigolballs is fake?

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@dpakman: Consider how clueless you must be to be BUYING a fake vaccine card, when it’s just a simple piece of paper anybody could make

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@thehill: Homeopathic doctor is first to face federal charges for selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards

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@dpakman: Florida stories continued. Texas family sitting nearby talking about how “it’s great that Florida’s governor knew COVID was fake” and so they’re happy to be supporting the economy

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@tribelaw: When 100 leading experts in how democracies thrive or die warn that we’re in danger of losing our democracy, everyone needs to listen. The message isn’t abstract and philosophical but concrete and down to earth. These experts have seen where fake claims of stolen elections lead.

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