@ProjectLincoln: Facebook has done more to hold Donald Trump accountable than congressional Republican.

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@MeidasTouch: While you are here, make sure to retweet and follow @OccupyDemocrats. They have over 10 million followers of Facebook but we need to grow their platform on Twitter so they can reach as many people as possible.

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@OurRevolution: Illinois is ready to improve police accountability. @YoBenCohen joins a stellar lineup of experts & lawmakers in a special town hall on qualified immunity, presented by Injustice Watch. Tune in TODAY, 6:00 PM CT, on @campaigntoendqi’s Facebook Live to learn more!

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@RBReich: Facebook’s “Supreme Court” made right decision in keeping the former guy off the platform, but I can’t help worry about the political power of Facebook.

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@StrictlyChristo: Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and TwitterNew data from social media measurement firms Zignal Labs and CrowdTangle shows just how drastic the drop in conversation about Trump has been.

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@thehill: Trump told Facebook board his supporters were “law abiding” during Capitol riot

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@AshaRangappa_: Am I the only one creeped out and depressed that the entire fate of our democracy rests in the hands of the Supreme Court of Facebook?

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@CuomoPrimeTime: Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna says Facebook is within their rights to determine who publishes on the platform “as long as they are being consistent.”“They’re making a judgment that they don’t want speech that’s going to incite violence…I think that’s perfectly appropriate.”

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