@OurRevolution: EXACTLY, Rep. @AyannaPressley! We cannot just return to the status quo. This moment calls for bold action & it’s time President @JoeBiden delivers on his promises & the demands of the American people. #BuildBackBold

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@RoKhanna: This investment in rural communities is exactly what we need to support across the country.Modern internet access is essential for a modern economy, and I’m proud that California is showing how we can do this for everyone, not just on the coasts.

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY, Sen. @BernieSanders!! We must get the historic budget reconciliation bill PASSED. #BuildBackBold

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@eddiechu888: This would be exactly the right approach.QE is enormous and seemingly non-removable because it’s going to the wrong side of the economy (the top side). Send it to the right side (the bottom) and you wouldn’t have to send nearly as much.Effectiveness of people’s QE >> QE

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY, @RoKhanna!Senate Democrats must take action – NOW. Everything is on the line. #EndTheFIlibuster

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@scottsantens: For those who aren’t familiar with the Parable of the Flood, it’s exactly what this reminds me of. Take the vaccine. If you believe that God will save you from Covid, the vaccine is how he’s doing it. Don’t refuse it and then ask why God has forsaken you.

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY! “Candidates change – policy needs don’t.” #NotMeUs@FSingh_NYC @NYPANetwork

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@OurRevolution: EXACTLY, @RepJayapal! This was already a compromise.Healthcare is a human right. PERIOD. #MedicareForAll

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@PramilaJayapal: I know @MLorenaGonzalez is the progressive choice for Seattle.I’ve seen her fight tirelessly for workers’ rights, civil rights, racial justice, renters’ rights, and much more.She works hard, dreams big, and gets things done — that’s exactly what we need in our next Mayor.

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