@MikeDrucker: Imagine paying a company called “cyber ninjas” millions of dollars to accidentally prove your candidate lost by even more than you thought

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@briflys: I read the manuscript, but the hard copy is even better. Thank you ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ for making as much sense as ever with the way you help us see things. And it was fun to relive that LA rally in the opening pages…😂 Pick up this book!

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@geneludwig: Thanks, @RoKhanna. And as our research at LISEP shows, it’s even worse for Black workers at 28.7%, and Hispanic workers at 25.1%. Emphasis on job creation should be on quality over quantity.

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@NewProgressUSA: UBI is the only way to even begin to restore hope in this nation.

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@scottsantens: Gotta love just going about your day and then suddenly getting $600 from the IRS to help cover your family’s basic needs. I don’t even have any kids, but I’m happy as hell to see parents getting these monthly investment payments via the #ChildTaxCredit checks.

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@dpakman: Have been watching the LuLaRoe series on Amazon video. It’s still shocking to me how many people fall for MLMs even today

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@scottsantens: Transitory inflation is transitory. You can read my latest article to learn more about how #inflation actually works, how it’s not something to fear as so many do, how it can best be managed and even utilized, and why UBI is so important because of it to nullify any regressivity.

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@scottsantens: We’ve now reached the point where Republicans are claiming voter fraud before elections have even happened. These people don’t care about democracy. It means nothing to them. But if people have no faith in elections after believing lies about fraudulent elections, what’s left?

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@scottsantens: “It comes as no surprise to even the casual observer that the pandemic struck most ferociously in countries ridden with political division and social conflict.”Our political dysfunction is killing us. Fixing it will require democracy reforms like RCV and economics that grow up.

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