@SenWarren: The American people support canceling student debt, even those who don’t have loans. One of the reasons? There’s scarcely a working person in America who doesn’t have a friend, family member, or coworker weighed down by this burden. @POTUS should #CancelStudentDebt.

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@scottsantens: I’d love to see more videos like this made using one of my many articles. Anyone who wants to do this, please do. Feel free to even monetize it with your own Patreon accounts. I just want to see more video viewers introduced to the many arguments for UBI.

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@scottsantens: Message that WIC gives all moms: “You’re a shitty parent because you’re poor. We don’t trust you. We not only don’t trust you to buy formula for your baby instead of drugs, but we don’t even trust you to buy the right one (unsaid: by right we mean the one we made a deal with).”

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@davidmiller: Talk therapy is helpful—solving the underlying problem is even more helpful.(Lack of money isn’t always the underlying problem but even when it isn’t it can often help solve whatever is.)

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@thehill: .@RepMTG on baby formula shortage “This is something that is hard to even imagine, but we cannot trust our government. If you’re an expecting mother, I urge you strongly urge you to do the best you can to try to breastfeed.”

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@scottsantens: I’ve long said that one result of unconditional basic income would be a relocation/rebalancing from cities to less populated areas, but I did not expect places to start offering people cash, care, and hot tubs to make the move before we even got UBI. Remote work is a gamechanger.

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@AndrewYang: “Americans no longer look abroad for their most dangerous enemies. They find them across state lines, across the street, across the hall. They see members of the other political party,neighbors, and even relatives as hateful, ignorant enemies who must be checked.”

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@karrilevens: I can’t even put into words what I went through spirtually, it probably would make an amazing book! All I know is, Jesus was with me every step of the way! Thank you Lord!

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@dpakman: Even without Roe v Wade as an enemy, they’ll just move on to raising money to ban abortion at the state level, so they’ll still have a grift

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@scottsantens: “So far, it’s one tree total. But if we ever set into motion another cataclysmic process that kills millions of people and displaces many more, we’ll be right out there planting a second tree. Who knows? Maybe there’s even a third tree in the cards.”

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