@scottsantens: I’m so fucking tired of thoughts and prayers. They just never seem to prevent horrific shit from relentlessly happening. It’s almost like actions matter more, especially actions rooted in evidence.It’s not some god deciding kids need to be shot at school.A man-made system is.

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@EconomicSecProj: Parents did especially well, thanks to monthly #CTC payments: the share of parents who couldn’t afford a $400 expense decreased 8 percentage points (44% to 36%) — the biggest change since the Fed began collecting this data — compared to 2-pp decrease for adults w/o kids. (3/7)

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@FundForHumanity: The term “job” meaning a “paid position of employment” was coined in 1858. It’s a way to circulate money in an economic system but NOT THE ONLY WAY, especially not when the needs of society are not fulfilled. When the system is no longer working, UBI is the answer.

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@scottsantens: “Means-testing begets administrative burdens. Which means that some people, maybe many people, especially the people with fewest resources and most in need, will not receive benefits. This is the administrative burden Catch-22.”Universalism beats targeting. Stop means-testing.

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@fairvote: Limiting voters to one choice in elections, especially in crowded fields, can have harmful impacts on our democracy. #RankedChoiceVoting lets voters rank their choices and picks a winner with a broad base of support. @fulcrum_us:

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@thewordsmithm: New research from ADP shows that two thirds of the global workforce (64%) said that they would consider looking for a new job if their employer wanted them back in the office full-time – and RTO mandates could especially drive younger employees to quit:

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@FundForHumanity: The challenge democracies are facing, especially ours, is that they promise a great deal and too often, do not deliver. Many laws are passed but fail to be or are badly implemented. We keep running into unintended consequences. We just have to recognize this as policies arise.

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@bencasselman: Supply chains were vulnerable to disruption before the pandemic, and they will remain vulnerable after it, especially as climate change makes natural disasters more common, according a new @WhiteHouseCEA report.

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@_cingraham: This isn’t just a Feinstein thing: it’s a problem across Congress, but especially within the Democratic caucus. The average House Democratic leader is nearly two decades older than their Republican counterparts.

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@scottsantens: Employers should see it as a patriotic act to allow remote work wherever possible, especially for everyone who would prefer it. If commuting was greatly reduced again, demand for gas would drop, and so would prices. Biden should encourage it.

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