@SSWorks: Nearly half of all Medicare beneficiaries don’t have dental coverage. And the average cost of many dental procedures far exceeds the average monthly Social Security monthly benefit. Congress must deliver for seniors and #ExpandMedicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing!

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@FundForHumanity: We’re easy to go after – we don’t have a battery of high priced lawyers on retainer.

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@scottsantens: If we provide money that can only be used for child care, the demand for child care will rise. This will increase the cost for those who don’t get any subsidies. This dynamic is just another reason to support all unpaid care with CTC and UBI to reduce demand for paid care.

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@scottsantens: We need lots of coverage like this to get @proofofhumanity’s $UBI on @elonmusk’s radar. Maybe he already knows about it. Maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. But until he says something about it, we can’t know for sure. Would be great to know @Grimezsz knows about it too.

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@djrothkopf: @RoKhanna has been an key voice in what has been a remarkable surge in influence for progressives in the Congress. @ThePlumLineGS and @KavitaPMD discuss the current state of BBB legislation and Democratic Party (and American) politics with him. Don’t miss it.

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@thehill: Rep. Jim Jordan to AG Merrick Garland: “Jefferson said once ‘tyranny is when the people fear the government.’ We are there. Sadly, we are there. But I don’t think the good people of this great country are going to cower and hide.”

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@AdamGreen: Very short 2022 memo:Popular ideas in ads, mail, door knocking will mean NOTHING if voters don’t TRUST Democrats will use power to do those things.#BuildBackBetter isn’t just about life-saving & live-changing help for millions. It’s about building trust so voters wanna vote.

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@scottsantens: Unconditional basic income means never being so hungry that we don’t notice the key.

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@AnthonyAdragna: .@RoKhanna: “If we’re gonna take the CEPP out, we have to figure out new substitute language that that can work.”@SenTinaSmith: “The tax credits are important, but they don’t get you all the way there.”

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@scottsantens: People quitting aren’t quitting to do nothing. They are quitting to do something else, and that something is likely something that pays more, or is considered more important to do. Kind of a big difference don’t you think?

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