@thelauracoates: Congressman @RoKhanna joins me now to discuss his co-authored $250 billion landmark tech investment bill on @SXMPOTUS @SIRIUSXM !

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@MeidasTouchPod: Tomorrow on the pod!Historian and author of ‘Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present’ @ruthbenghiat joins the show to discuss the ever present threat of fascism in America—and how we can stop it.Subscribe now for free anywhere you get podcasts:

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@karrilevens: The men who are sending me private messages on Twitter trying to hit on me, I have no interest in any of you. If you want to discuss Progressive Politics or Jesus publicly, I’m all for it! I’m 100% married and 100% committed to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I will not commit sin.

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@Aidan_Harper_: Pleased to have signed this letter for @NEF urging the gov to discuss the implementation of a @4Day_Week at the upcoming climate summit.Shorter working time is an essential part of how we transition to a sustainable economy & improve living standards.

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@VP: .@DrGiammattei, the President of Guatemala, and I just met to discuss our nations’ shared priorities—in particular, addressing the root causes of migration. After our meeting, we made several significant announcements about the work ahead.

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@VP: In the 21st century, broadband is critical infrastructure. Today I had a productive meeting with bipartisan members of Congress to discuss the importance of investing in broadband to connect every American to affordable, high-speed internet—and create good-paying jobs nationwide.

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@janekleeb: Excited to be on with @ThisIsZeroHour @RoKhanna @MDeatrick @ZanageeArtis to discuss critical next steps in ending fossil fuel subsidies. It’s 💯 unfair for us to be subsidizing Big Oil 100 years later…time to turn the page. Big fan of Rep. Khanna who understands rural + urban.

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@VP: Every American, no matter where they live and how much they can pay, should have high-speed internet at home. I met with Americans from across our country, including students, parents, a Tribal leader, and a farmer to discuss how the American Jobs Plan will make that happen.

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@VP: Injustice is a root cause of migration. Today, I met with Guatemalan justice leaders to discuss the need for transparent and impartial legal systems in the region. I look forward to working with many stakeholders to help Guatemalans build a safer and better future at home.

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@VP: Today, I met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to get their input on our diplomatic efforts in the Northern Triangle and to discuss how we can work together to address the root causes of migration from the region.

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