@thehill: Biden allies and even some people close to Harris said they viewed her trip to Guatemala and Mexico as a “disaster,” as one put it.

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@scottsantens: Please urge your rep to join these 28 in calling for recurring monthly recovery checks. We aren’t through this disaster yet and one $1400 check was never going to get us all through to the other side in one piece.Bills are monthly. Checks should be too.

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@ForeignAffairs: Nightmare scenes from India’s COVID-19 disaster could foreshadow raging outbreaks in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere. Read @RoKhanna on why the United States should be doing more to end the crisis:

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@MikeLevin: It seems there is a new policy being embraced by today’s GOP: if you speak the truth about the 2020 election or January 6, you’ll suffer the consequences.Allowing them to control the House would be a disaster. It’s bigger than one election. It’s about protecting our democracy.

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@BernieSanders: “Many of us are just a paycheck away from a disaster. We soon learned that in this pandemic, it wasn’t the CEOs that we turned to… in times of crisis, we turned to the everyday people. The working class is the backbone of this nation.”- Hannah Drake, poet & author #BernieInKY

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@dpakman: Careful, warns Fox News, the economy is doing DANGEROUSLY WELL under Biden and that could spell DISASTER

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@JakeSullivan46: Our hearts go out to the people of Israel tonight following the terrible tragedy at Mount Meron. We offer our condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this disaster, and wish a full and swift recovery to those injured.

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