@thehill: Hawaii is spending $1 million to destroy dangerous, famous “Stairway to Heaven” mountain trail

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@DrPnygard: “The fan is the one who suffers. He cheers a guy to a .350 season then watches that player sign with another team. When you destroy fan loyalties, you destroy everything.” — #MLB outfielder, manager & 2x MVP #FrankRobinson, born OTD in #Beaumont, Texas (1935-2019). R.I.P. Sir…

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@IAmPoliticsGirl: We have to stop pretending this is normal. That this is a legitimate party & legitimate behavior. It’s easy to want to give up but, we have to find a way to reach these people or they’ll destroy the entire country in the name of “patriotism”.

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@FundForHumanity: Something must be done about the American media. They brought us TFG and now, they are covering the Afghan withdrawal as a disaster even before it got off the ground. “If it bleeds, it leads” is going to destroy our country.

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@JosephNSanberg: Watching the Dixie Fire destroy 400K+ acres and threaten thousands of homes makes me think of the oil & gas CEOs who made it their official policy to bid on elected officials willing to push climate denialism in exchange for campaign cash.They must be held accountable.

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@MeidasTouch: Please retweet: Thanks to you were are less than 1K away from hitting 600,000 followers. We are going to continue to help the GOP destroy itself but we need your help. Ask everyone you know to follow us!

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@RBReich: Sinema said the filibuster “compels moderation.”Manchin said ending it will “destroy our government.”Meanwhile, Republicans just used the filibuster to kill legislation to stop the biggest attack on voting rights since Jim Crow.Not a single Republican compromised.

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@RBReich: Serious question: How is it possible to be a principled “centrist” between those who are working to protect democracy and those who are working to destroy it?

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@karrilevens: “Look, here is the man who would not make God his protector! He trusted in his great wealth & was confident about his plans to destroy others.” But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God; I continually trust in God’s loyal love.Psalms 52:7-8 #KarriLevens

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