@BernieSanders: You’re a working class mom with a new baby, and you live in Canada. You know how many days of paid leave you get to spend with your baby? 119.If you’re living just over the border in Detroit, you get ZERO days with your baby — in the richest country in the world. Unacceptable.

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@AndrewYang: Last night, getting out the vote in the city that never sleeps. Two days until we make history

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@scottsantens: Kill the 5-day workweek. Burn it with fire. Scatter the ashes to the wind. We need to get back to toiling less over time and having a goal of continually shorter weeks. The next step should be four 8-hr days followed by 4 6-hr days.Plus #UBI of course.

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@POTUS: Today, we’ve passed 300 million shots in 150 days. When I took office, our nation was in crisis. Today, the virus is in retreat and our economy has smashed previous records for job growth. That’s just four months, folks.

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@RoKhanna: There’s been a lot of inaccurate information floating around the last couple of days, so let’s be clear:58% of voters want us to pass the American Jobs & Families Plans together.Let’s do that.

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@NABIGCongress: #NABIG2021 IS HERE! Join us for 3 days of inspiring & engaging speakers, panel discussions, and networking events with the basic income community 💫 Make sure to RSVP for each session using the password you’ll get from registering on Eventbrite!

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@AndrewYang: Fantastic morning getting out the vote on the Upper East Side! We have 5 days left to reject the status quo – make your voting plan and tell three friends to do the same:

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@scottsantens: It’s the 21st century. With automation, trade unions will never return to the glory days you seek. We can however provide people the bargaining power they need via unconditional basic income. That would be individual strike power, and it would also reach all unpaid care workers.

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@AndrewYang: Celebrating the final mayoral debate with our amazing volunteers. You all are the lifeblood of this campaign and are putting in the work to make the change we need. Thank you for everything you do! Let’s finish strong in our final 5 days. 😀

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