@thehill: Hawaii is spending $1 million to destroy dangerous, famous “Stairway to Heaven” mountain trail

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@AndrewYang: “The parallel cultural politics of meritocracy that equates economic success with moral worth and social esteem is a dangerous force in politics, because it means that when inequality rises not only do people get poorer, they also get angrier.” , “The Raging Twenties”

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@rebecca_boubel: Definitely around the days surrounding 1/6, the insurrection. This is beyond incitement with dangerous threats-not just rhetoric by a government official. They’re trying to incite a coup or a government takeover by force?! Law enforcement better be prepared.

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@VP: The American service members we lost in Kabul were heroes. They went to Afghanistan to complete a very dangerous and complex mission. A grateful nation is indebted to each and every one of them.

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@VP: The smoke from the Caldor Fire and wildfires across the west have created dangerous air quality levels for some communities. Please listen to local officials and visit .

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@wkrgcaroline: HURRICANE IDA is nearing cat 5 strength with sustained winds of 150 mph. A clear and defined eye wall that is 17 miles in diameter. Life threatening storm surge and flooding with dangerous winds is heading towards southeast Louisiana. #tropics

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@nolaready: The @CityOfNOLA is issuing a mandatory evacuation for areas outside the levees (red) and a voluntary evacuation for the rest of the parish (yellow).#Ida could bring up to 11ft surge outside levees, and dangerous winds & heavy rain for the full area.

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: ISIS claims responsibility for the Kabul airport attacks. Trump said he “ended ISIS” 16 times, and even said he eradicated them “100%.” He also negotiated the release of 5k Taliban prisoners and left Biden a ticking time bomb. RT IF YOU THINK TRUMP IS A DANGEROUS LIAR!

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@FPWellman: This attack is gutting. I’m shocked it didn’t come sooner. This is a very dangerous operation with multiple actors that want it to fail and get last shots in on us. The mission must continue and then this war must end. I’m so sorry for the families. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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@RBReich: Expect for this Cyber Ninjas report to be filled to the brim with dangerous conspiracy theories that undermine our democracy.This so-called “audit” is a sobering reminder that Donald Trump’s attempted coup is still ongoing. We must remain vigilant.

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