@RBReich: Increasing the minimum wage increases demand in the economy, which, in turn, grows the economy and creates jobs. It’s the exact opposite of trickle-down baloney.

The Matt Skidmore Show (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@RBReich: So let me get this straight: Republicans in Congress claim spending billions on F-35s creates jobs, but spending on rebuilding roads and bridges doesn’t?

Bernie Sanders (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@OurRevolution: That’s right, @jillpcarter! All must understand – it’s time for BOLD police reform that creates true trust & public safety in our communities. #CriminalJusticeReform

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (@karrilevens) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Looks like Glenn Beck is starting to see #UBI as the only option, although I don’t think he understands that UBI is a floor, or that people can make their own jobs with UBI, or that when people spend UBI, it creates more jobs, or that employers can raise wages to attract workers.

Scott Santens (@busybid) / Twitter