@charliepick: This is a fascinating article on @Slate by @Millicentsomer about a Subreddit documenting COVID truthers and anti-vaxers who die of COVID. One VERY important point is that the contagiousness of COVID has meant people have not witnessed the horror of it.

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@LevinsonJessica: Our latest guest on @passjudgmentpod is Congressman @RoKhanna @RepRoKhanna. He talks about what it is like to be a lawmaker during the Biden administration, how he is pushing for clarity re when kids will be eligible to receive a COVID vaccine, & more

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@RoKhanna: Big Pharma did not discover mRNA for Covid vaccines. Kariko & Weissman at UPenn did, participating in nearly 46 projects funded by the NIH. Don’t insult our intelligence by suggesting that gouging Americans for drugs is somehow necessary for innovation.

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@RBReich: Joe Manchin asks, “what’s the urgency,” as extra unemployment benefits expire, millions face eviction, Covid rages on, California wildfires spread, and New York and Louisiana are under water. Hello?

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@RBReich: Just about to call it quits for the day, but can’t we just agree to make our kids safe — from COVID, from gunfire, from wildfires and floods, from hunger and homelessness. Why the hell is this controversial?

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@RBReich: Not to minimize the horror of 9/11, but those attacks killed 3,000 Americans; at least that many are now dying of COVID every two days. Yet Republican politicians are threatening civil war over requirements for masks and vaccinations?

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@dpakman: At home COVID tests that cost $10 each and (as far as I know) have to be bought in person at Walgreens or CVS doesn’t seem like is reaching the real potential that at home testing could have

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@scottsantens: Because Rogan threw everything at his Covid, he can’t point to any one thing as helping, but even if he only used ivermectin, he still wouldn’t be able to point to that either without a control group. He can say ivermectin didn’t hurt him. He can’t say it’s better than a placebo.

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Newly released polls show Governor Gregg Abbott’s re-election chances in BIG jeopardy. They found that 50% of Texas voters “disapprove” of his performance, and a majority think his handling of COVID has been disastrous. RT IF YOU THINK TEXAS SHOULD DUMP ABBOTT IN 2022!

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